Traditions (2003-2012) --

What's cooking? (Click here for 2013+ photos)

The annual Tiedje Lab Holiday Party is hosted by Jim and Linda-Beth Tiedje in their home. The newest lab members are responsible for cooking the turkeys, and the other lab members bring dishes from all over the world.

Looking good 2012!
In 2012, the lab enjoyed a Chinese style turkey from Weijia Wang and team and a
Brazilian decorated turkey by Lily (Eliane) Gomes and team. Both are excellent!


Looking hungry 2012!
The alumni turkey cookers watching over the new (2012) cookers,
(l to r) Lily, Weijia, Jim Cole, Ryan Penton, James Kremer, Adina Howe and Jiarong Guo.


Here's to 2011!
Lone Turkey by newcomer Daniella Vilela. James Kremer, James Cole,
Adina Howe, Jiarong Guo and Jie Deng smile with approval.


Daniella Vilela, 2011 chef
Dr. Tiedje always finds talented chefs each year!


Here's to 2010!
Change of venue for 2010 Turkey Roasting: Jiarong Guo and James Kremer
in Jim and Tamara Cole's kitchen with roasting pros C. Ryan Penton and Timothy Johnson.


Here's to 2009!
2009 Turkey Roasters Adriana Lopes dos Santos and Adina Howe pass muster
with Jie Deng, Jennifer Auchtung and Ederson Jesus.


Here's to 2008!
2008 Turkey Roasters are Tim Johnson and Ederson Jesus;
veteran helpers surrounding them from l to r are Jie Deng, Shoko Iwai, Patrick Chain,
Jennifer Auchtung and Christina Harzman.


Here's to 2007!
2007 Turkey Roasters were Shoko Iwai (l) and Jennifer Auchtung (2nd from r). Shoko's roaster helpers,
(l to r) Jie Deng and Christina Harzman, all being overseen by veteran roasters Patrick Chain and Ryan Penton.
As you can see, it was also an experiment (but no replication..yet) in turkey preparation protocol.


Here's to 2006!
2006 Rookie Roasters Aijie Wang and Patrick Chain (l-r with turkeys) were helped by several spicy alums (l-r) Shannon Hinsa-Leasure, Stephan Gantner (treating the group to a crock full of a German Christmas drink called Gluehwein), Ryan Penton and Debbie Himes-Yoder


Here's to 2005!
2005 Roasters Debbie Himes-Yoder and Shannon Hinsa-Leasure get advice from seasoned turkeyman Ryan Penton


Here's to 2004!
2004: Joon Park (l - with daughter) and Alban Ramette (r) did such a good job
mentoring last year's cook, they were asked to offer support to this year's
newest lab member, Ryan Penton (center - with turkey)


Here's to 2003!
2003: Joon Park (l) and Alban Ramette (r) give a thumbs up to new lab member, Johan Goris, and his delicious looking turkey