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Upcoming conferences (updated each Fall):

The 14th Workshop of the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC)
Genomics Enabled Place Based Research
Oxford University, 17-19 September 2012

4th Argonne Soil Metagenomics Workshop
“Unraveling big data to understand complex communities”
Conference Center at Indian Lakes Resort, just outside Chicago, IL, 3-5 October 2012

2012 Rustbelt rRNA Meeting
Crown Plaza, Dayton, OH, 19-20 October 2012

Michigan Branch of ASM Fall 2012 Meeting (MI-ASM)
Nanotechnology Applications to 21st Century Microbiology
Weber's Inn, Ann Arbor, MI, 26-27 October, 2012

8th Annual DOE JGI User Meeting, Genomics of Energy & Environment
Workshops and meals at the Marriott in Walnut Creek, CA, 25-29 March 2013

Michigan Branch of ASM Spring 2013 Meeting (MI-ASM)
Theme TBA
Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI, March ??, 2013

RECOMB 2013 (affiliated conference of ISCB)
17th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 7-10 April 2013

The 15th Workshop of the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC)
Science Enabled by Standards
National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD, 22-24 April 2013

American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
113th General Meeting
Denver, CO, 18-23 May 2013

Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (affiliated conference of ISCB)
21st Annual International Conference
Berlin, Germany, 21-23 July 2013

Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME)
The Power of the Small
15th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology
Seoul, Korea, August 2014


Other links of interest:

Crop and Soil Sciences now part of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Dept. at MSU
Genomic Standards Consortium
MSU Library: Electronic Journals
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG) at MSU
Montana - Ecology of Infectious Diseases IGERT Program
NCBI / GenBank
Research Technology Support Facility (formerly GTSF) at MSU
The Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) -- PDF map to our offices at 2225A BPS Bldg. for visitors
The Shewanella Federation
Terragenome - International Soil Metagenome Sequencing Consortium

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