Computer Resources

Variety of Tools and Operating Systems

Several computers running both Windows and the Macintosh (OS9 and OSX) are available to researchers in the laboratory. Several dual-CPU Linux servers are available for computation-intensive applications as well. A client/server system is in place for Windows users that allows account portability and data security through disk redundancy and nightly tape backups. Both CD and DVD writable drives are available for excess file storage and permanent archiving. Color and black-and-white laser printers are available for use. An LCD projector is also available for computer-based presentations.

Computer Lab - ??

Software Available for General Use in the Tiedje Lab:

Basic Productivity Software

MS Office XP Pro
Adobe Acrobat 5
Adobe Illustrator 10
Adobe Photoshop 7
R (statistical package)

Sequence Analysis Software

ABI GeneScan & Genotyper
ARB (phylogeny)
GCG package (through genomic facility)
LaserGene Suite (DNAstar)
Paup (phylogeny)
Phylip (phylogeny)
Vector NTI Suite 8

Genomic Software

GeneSpring 6
R with SMA package

Other Speciality Software

Gel Compar (gel analysis
software with clustering)

Microarray Computer


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