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CMEIAS Requirements

CMEIAS-IT v.1.28 Image Analysis system requirements:


Essential steps required for accurate image analysis of microorganisms using CMEIAS:

  1. The first requirement for accurate image analysis is a high quality primary image acquired in photo, video, or digital format. For CMEIAS automated image analysis, the image must be converted to an 8-bit digital grayscale in an uncompressed file format [e.g., Tiff, BMP] that can be opened in CMEIAS-IT Ver. 1.28.
  2. For accurate morphotype classification, images must have adequate magnification and pixel resolution so that the smallest cell to be analyzed has sufficient pixel density (at least 30 pixels) to accurately define its morphotype and body size. Detailed instructions to adjust image size and resolution are provided in the CMEIAS user manual.
  3. CMEIAS-IT uses a brightness thresholding procedure to find the foreground objects of interest in 8-bit grayscale images. This requires that all pixels of foreground objects have brightness values that lie outside the range that defines the background. Therefore, prior to analysis, the image may require editing in order to be fully segmented, i.e., reduced to the objects of interest using the brightness thresholding procedure. All this image editing work must precede CMEIAS object analysis and morphotype classification. ImageTool features some image editing routines, but digital images of microbial communities will often require additional interactive editing tasks to achieve object segmentation, e.g., splitting of touching objects, removal of invalid objects or background pixels whose brightness values lie within the range that includes the objects of interest. A CMEIAS Color Segmentation application is available to facilitate object segmentation in color and grayscale images with complex backgrounds. Other image segmentation tools are under development and will be released in future CMEIAS upgrades.

See the Step-by-Step Demo for the procedures required to perform object analysis and morphotype classification of microbial communities.

Refer to the Liu et al. 2001 publication, the CMEIAS User Manual provided in the CMEIAS-IT Ver. 1.28 and the CMEIAS Color Segmentation downloads for detailed instructions to acquire and edit digital images, perform object analysis, and classify microbial morphotypes using CMEIAS-IT.


CMEIAS Color Segmentation Ver. 1.0 system requirements:


CMEIAS Quadrat Maker Ver. 1.0 system requirements:


CMEIAS JFrad Ver. 1.0 system requirements: