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CMEIAS Object Analysis

The CMEIAS-IT ver. 1.28 Object Analysis plugin can measure features (attributes) of each object's size (length, width, area, perimeter, Feret diameter, major axis length, minor axis length), shape (roundness, elongation, compactness, maximum curvature, object area/bounding box area, width/length, length/width, 8 Fourier descriptors, aspect ratio), luminosity (integrated density, min. / mean / median / mode / max. / std. dev gray level), and Cartesian coordinates (centroid X|Y, gray centroid X|Y). User selects any combination of these attributes in a Measurement Features preference tab page (see below), and the output results extracted from each individual object are reported within user-defined calibrated units and precision decimal places in the Results window where they can be copied to the Window's clipboard and pasted into a spreadsheet program for further analysis. In addition, the means and standard deviation of each array of object analysis attribute data are reported.

CMEIAS Object Analysis features and results
Measurement Feature (Attribute) selection and output of data in the
Results window for CMEIAS-IT ver. 1.28 Object Analysis


The algorithms used to compute each measurement attribute are fully defined in Liu et al. 2001 and the CMEIAS 1.28 User Manual (available through the download area). The formulas to compute several of these attributes are uniquely adaptable to object shape, thus producing results with increased accuracy. The object analysis measurement features required to compute the CMEIAS morphotype classifier are grouped in a separate frame for ease of selection (see above). The CMEIAS 1.28 interactive training tutorial includes a section of image analysis using this object analysis routine.