The Integration
Microbial Databases

Report of a Workshop held at Michigan State University

August 11-12, 1995

Organized by the Center for Microbial Ecology

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Goals

3.0 IMD Prototypes Demonstration

4.0 Recommended Activities

4.1 Organization and Administration

4.2 System Design and Implementation

4.3 Data to be Integrated

4.3.1 First Priority Data a. Nomenclatural Database
b. Phylogenetic Trees
c. Phenotypic Data

4.3.2 Existing Databases

a. Publicly Accessible On-Line Databases
b. Independently Curated, Specific Databases

4.3.3 Databases Needing Development

b. Habitat
c. Databases Obtained with Commercial Test Kits or Systems
d. Images

4.3.4 Other Groups Which Have Microbial Strain Data

5.0 Federation Membership and Responsibilities

6.0 Workshop Participants

7.0 Summary

More information about the integrated database project is available in insights, the CME Newsletter.

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