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The Center is advised by scientists and engineers from academia (Science Advisory Panel) as well as industry and government agencies (Industrial Advisory Panel). The membership of these panels are shown below.


Science Advisory Panelline
Dr. Lois Blaine
Director of Bioinformatics
American Type Culture Collection
Dr. Ed DeLong
Senior Scientist
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Dr. Madilyn Fletcher
Director, Belle W. Baruch Institute for
Marine Biology and Coastal Research
University of South Carolina
Dr. Robert Holt
Museum of Natural History
University of Kansas
Dr. Ariel Lugo
International Institute of Tropical Forestry
USDA - Forest Service, Puerto Rico
Dr. Perry L. McCarty
Department of Civil Engineering
Stanford University
Dr. Margaret Riley
Department of Biology
Yale University


Database Subpanel
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Dr. Lois Blaine
Director of Bioinformatics
American Type Culture Collection
Dr. Robert Robbins
V.P for Information Technology
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
Dr. Lincoln Stein
Director, WI/MIT Genome Center


Industrial Advisory Committeeline
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Dr. Abateni Ayanaba
Manager, Biological Sciences
Delmonte Foods
Mr. Andrew Hogarth
Deputy Chief
MI Dept of Environ Quality
Dr. Robert Howell
Senior Environmental Chemist
3M Environmental Laboratory
Dr. Gary Klecka
Associate Scientist
Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Robert Larson
Research Fellow
Procter & Gamble Company
Dr. William Marshall
Immunom Technologies Inc.
Dr. Parmley Pritchard
Naval Research Laboratory
Dr. Joe Salanitro
Senior Staff Research Microbiologist
Shell Development Company
Dr. Kenneth Tracy
Vice President
Novon Products
Dr. Ronald Unterman
Vice President
Envirogen Inc.
Dr. Robert Wetegrove
Corporate Research Associate
Nalco Chemical Company
Dr. Holly Wolf
Associate Director

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