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CME members and alumni at the 2011 Tiedje Symposium,
October 29th, East Lansing, Michigan

(photo by Kurt Stepnitz, © All rights reserved by TGsymposium).
Tiedje Symposium Group Photo

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A day of reunion and celebration, Saturday, October 29, 2011, in honor of Jim Tiedje (not a retirement!). A day full of talks and posters from former and present Tiedje lab personnel followed by a reception and dinner at the Kellogg Center. Check the agenda at http://tiedjesymposium.mmg.msu.edu

AMAZING! We now have three distinguished faculty members who have been elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences! Congratulations to newest academy member, Dr. Richard Lenski (see article, May 2006), as he joins two other CME faculty members, Dr. James M. Tiedje and Dr. Michael F. Thomashow who were elected in 2003. (see article, May 2003)

ColorSegmentation The MSU Center for Microbial Ecology is pleased to announce the release of our CMEIAS Color Segmentation Version 1.0 Software. This stand-alone program is an improved computing technology designed to alleviate the laborious task of segmenting foreground pixels from background in complex color and grayscale images of environmental samples. These image editing steps are required before object analysis and classification.

CMEIAS logoAnd check our newest version of the Center for Microbial Ecology Image Analysis System (CMEIAS software), designed to strengthen microscopy-based approaches for understanding microbial ecology. To learn more about CMEIAS and download its free program files and operator manuals, go to http://cme.msu.edu/cmeias/

RDPlogoRibosomal Database Project II - NEW RDP Release 11. Release 11, contains 2,929,433 aligned and annotated Bacterial and Archaeal small-subunit rRNA sequences, with additions made monthly. Announcing the RDP Fungal LSU Classifier (large subunit rRNA gene): 95,365 Fungal 28S rRNAs. The hierarchy model used by RDP Classifier has been updated to Version 2.6 trained on 16S rRNA training set 9 and Fungal LSU training set 11. Starting from this release, RDP switches to use Uchime with a reference database to detect chimeras. See more rearrangement details in our taxonomy release notes. Our thanks to Cheryl Kuske and colleagues for providing the hierarchy model and training set. RDP SOAP web services for Seqmatch and Classifier are available. Instructors: try our new "Assignment Generator" for your class. Find sequences from completed genomes by searching with the GenBank Project ID and view sequences from the Whole Genome Project with our new Genome Viewer. http://rdp.cme.msu.edu

Check out the new tools in our Functional Gene Pipeline and RDPipeline. Source code of RDP Classifier is freely available from SourceForge and a GitHub repository of our latest tools for customizable command-line processing of your sequences.


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